Daniel Kelly Brown is a Cinematographer and Artist based out of Aspen, Colorado.  He has spent the last decade honing his craft and creating compelling imagery for a huge range of clients as well as producing his own projects.  While Danny has achieved commercial success with his work, his personal projects continue to drive him and progress his art. His viral films have been screened and won awards at film festivals around the world. He is part cinematographer, part ninja.  Honing in on efficiency of movement during life, and during video shoots, he practices and practices and practices to ensure you, as the client, get the perfect shot, every time. He shoots extremely high resolution video primary on his Red Dragon and Time Lapse on complex 3 axis motion controlled camera robots.  His innovative motion control time-lapse photography and super high definition video work helps us rediscover nature and humanity, by shifting time in dramatic and beautiful ways, that forever alter the viewers perspective, and allows us to experience the impossible.  

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